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Liberty Financial Services is a succession planning firm in Lancaster, PA that has helped business owners like you navigate the complex ownership transition process.

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You’ve worked hard to build a legacy. We can help you continue that legacy for the next generation.

As you plan your transition into the next stage of your life, you will be facing new challenges and questions:

  • How will I fund my retirement and preserve my estate?
  • Will the company survive without me?
  • What will I do next?

In the face of uncertainty, having a trusted advisor to guide you through the transition process is crucial. If you have a family-owned or closely-held business and are looking toward the future, consider working with us.

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business succession plan

Having a Succession Plan Can Provide Confidence in the Future

If you’ve built a company that will last, it is the responsible move to create a transfer plan before it’s too late. And if you plan to retire or step aside in the next 10 years, a succession plan can help smooth the transition for you, your company, and new ownership.

Succession planning is a way for you to transfer the business’s assets, including the vision, passion, and leadership, to the next generation. It’s a way for you to secure your company’s future while also providing you with funding for your next stage of life.

Succession planning is not only for owners approaching retirement age; having a plan in place protects your company from the unknown. According to a 2022 MassMutual survey, only 51% of business owners have an estate plan in place and 62% think about the effect of death on their business.

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Succession Planning Process

Our approach to planning your business transition is adaptable and customized to your unique needs and situation. During our initial consultation, we will ask you questions about your company, goals for the transition, and your intended timeline. From there we can take the appropriate steps necessary, including an evaluation of the business, compensation discussion with other owners, and planning for your role after the sale.

This process does not happen overnight; planning for and implementing a successful transition can take one to several years. We work with your team of advisors, including financial professionals, accountants, and lawyers, to create a plan that works with your specific situation.

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Family Business Succession

The toughest challenge in building a family-owned business is transitioning it to your children. Heightened emotions, claims of partiality, and years of pent-up frustrations can boil to the surface. But when it works, succession planning can continue and strengthen your family’s legacy for decades to come.

At Liberty Financial Strategies, we can help you navigate the challenges of transferring your family business.

Clients often trust us as mediators and referees, working with all parties involved to help attain what is beneficial for the family and the business. As financial advisors, we can integrate your retirement and estate planning with this transition.

About Us

We believe that a commitment to listening and asking the right questions is critical to your success in our needs-based approach.

That success depends largely on getting to know you so that we can understand what you value, your short- and long-term goals, and what keeps you awake at night.

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Since 2001, the team at Liberty Financial Strategies has been helping business owners plan for their future. We have a history of identifying productive solutions for business succession plans. Our office is in Lancaster, PA on Foxshire Drive, one turn off Fruitville Pike.

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